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British Sergeant and Drummer Swords

18th Century - Napoleonic Wars - War of 1812

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Sergeant's Sword

Drummer's Sword


Image 1
illustrates Drummer length of blade

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(Note: The look of the wire grip has been distorted slightly in the images.
Image 3 is the closest to the actual appearance.)

Sergeant's Sword

87th Regiment Sergeant with 1796 pattern sword sold at Access Heritage


As early as the 1760s it was recognized the Britain's Infantry Sergeants required an affordable sword that continued to represent their position of authority. Up to this point often Sergeant's were provided with expensive silver mounted swords that, that if lost or broken, caused the Sergeant great financial hardship.

The solution was to provide straight bladed brass hilted swords that were in the form of officer pattern but of simpler detailing and construction. Up until the 1790s, the regiment determined the pattern. In 1796, this changed with the introduction of a universal pattern of Sergeant's sword. The pattern selected was likely a pattern already being used in one or more regiments prior to that date and its construction is that of a typical small sword of the mid-late 18th century.

This sword was carried by Britain's Infantry Sergeants throughout the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812. When the officer's pattern changed in 1822, so did the Sergeant's pattern, thus continuing the tradition of Sergeants carrying a simplified brass version of an officer's sword.

The reproduction offered here is an exact copy of an original in a private collection which the casting were taken directly from. The length of blade varies slightly from original to original but the sword has a 31 inch well-tempered, high carbon steel blade. The hilt has a simple fixed shell guard hilt, a D guard, brass wire wrapped grip, and an urn-shaped pommel. The black leather scabbard with brass throat piece and chape (tip) completes this beautiful yet functional small sword.

Drummer's Sword

1805 Pyne plate of Foot Guards Drummers in London wearing 1796 drummers sword sold at Access Heritage

While the Sergeant's sword was a mark of rank, the Drummer's sword was his only defence. Since many of the Drummers and Fifers were younger and smaller in stature, it was necessary for the blades of these swords either be short or curved like light cavalry sabres so they did not drag on the ground.

Pictorial evidence from the late 18th century shows a variety of regimental patterns being used. In 1796 a standard pattern was selected for the Army's Drummers that had a 24 inch straight blade. Aside from the shorter blade it was identical to the Sergeant's pattern. Again it is likely this sword was carried by "the Drums" of some regiments prior to this date.

As with the sergeant's sword, this sword was designed after an original. The well-tempered, high-carbon steel blade is the regulation 24 inches length. The hilt is exactly like the sergeant's which has a simple fixed shell guard hilt, a D guard, brass wire wrapped grip, and an urn-shaped pommel. The black leather scabbard with brass throat piece and chape (tip) completes this beautiful yet functional small sword.

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