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19th Century Map Collection

29.50CAN each (entire map collection 95.00US (99.50CAN))
Size: Printed on 16" X 20" Fine Quality Paper

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1 to 3 prints ...........6.50CAN
4 to 16 prints..........9.50CAN

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MAP-008 Sketch Map of Upper Canada, 1795 Sketch supposedly made by Gov. Simcoe's wife when Upper Canada was founded. It is considered the first map of Ontario.

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MAP-009 Map of Upper Canada/ Upper State NY, 1800 SOLD OUT

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MAP-010 Map of Upper Canada/Upper State NY, 1838 This map is popular with School teachers because it shows the province at the time of the Rebellions of 1837 and 1838.

map011.jpg (46810 bytes)

MAP-011 Map of North America 1845 One of the most beautiful map of North America printed.

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MAP-012 Map of Canada West formerly Upper Canada 1850 Ontario as it appeared when it was united with Quebec as the province of Ontario.

map013.jpg (39126 bytes)

MAP-013 Map of Canada West 1851 A beautifully illustrated colour map of Ontario when it was Canada West.

map014.jpg (42106 bytes)

MAP-014 Map of the Province of Canada 1865 Quebec and Ontario as the united province of Canada just prior to Confederation.

map015.jpg (35288 bytes)

MAP-015 Map of North West Mounted Police Stations, 1886 Popular amongst Royal Canadian Mounted Police enthusiasts, this is a map of the NWMP stations in part of Western Canada.

map016.jpg (41205 bytes)

MAP-016 Map of Indian Tribes in British Columbia, 1883 This map is quite significant in understanding the areas the First Peoples occupied over a century ago in British Columbia. It helps place into context the various land claims and settlements of recent years. Aside from its purpose, this is a lovely map of one of the most beautiful spots in the country.

map017.jpg (38342 bytes)

MAP-017 Map of the Welland Canal, 1879 Constructing the canal around Niagara falls was an amazing feat in the 19th century. This map assists the viewer to understand the vastness of the project

map018.jpg (43397 bytes)

MAP-018 Map of Ottawa and Georgian Bay Canal & Railways This map captures Ontario at the begin of the Industrial age and the importance of railway and canal infrastructure.

map019.jpg (51473 bytes)

MAP-019 North West War Map, 1885 This map illustrates the combatants and locations of the second Metis rebellion in Western Canada. This ended with the trial and execution of Louis Riel which damaged relations between anglophones and francophones.

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