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British Regiments in the Canadian Rebellions of 1837-1838
Compiled by Robert Henderson

Uniforms for the Regiments serving in the Rebellions of the 1837-38 were in a state of transition. In late 1836 it was ordered that regimental lace was to be discontinued and replaced with white. However this change did not appear in British North America until the spring issue of clothing of 1838.




Facing Colour

Coat Colour



Cavalry 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards 1838 Napierville

7th (Queens Own) Hussars

1838 Napierville

Infantry Grenadier Guards 1838 Napierville, patrols along the Richelieu

Coldstream Guards 1838
1st Regiment (Royal Scots) 1837-1838,Battles of St. Charles, St. Eustache and St. Denis
11th Regiment 1838
15th Regiment 1837-1838
23rd Regiment 1838
24th Regiment 1837-1838 battles of St. Denis and St. Charles; Napierville
32nd Regiment 1837-1838, Pelee Island
34th Regiment 1837-1838, winter march across New Brunswick; Windsor
36th Regiment 1838
43rd Regiment 1837-1838 winter march across New Brunswick
55th Regiment 1838?
65th Regiment 1838
66th Regiment 1837-1838
71st Regiment 1838, Napierville
73rd Regiment 1838, Napierville
83rd Regiment 1837-1838, St. Eustache, Fighting Island, Pelee Island, and the Battle of the Windmill
85th Regiment 1837-1838 winter march across New Brunswick
93rd Regiment 1838, Battle of the Windmill

Board of Ordnance & other corps

Royal Artillery 1837-38, most engagements
Corps of Royal Engineers 1837-1838


Royal Sappers and Miners 1837-1838
Royal Marines 1838, Battle of the Windmill
Royal Marine Artillery

1838, Battle of the Windmill

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