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Some Unsolicited Comments from our Clients

"You made me the most popular guy at the range!  Once I started blasting off black powder, everyone stopped firing their modern pieces and took out their phones and started taking photos of me.   It was really cool to see the buzz and interest in the history of firearms."  -  May 2016

"The problem is our retiring C.O. was speechless when we gave him a 1795 Springfield we got from you, and now our new C.O. expects the same at his change of command.   The vent not drilled allowed us to conform with Army Regs on gifts because we are not allowed to give activated firearms.  Now he can get it running if he wants to go hunting with it." - February 2016

"Love my new French Fur Trade Musket.  I saw one by another company which was awful, so I was pretty afraid of trying again.   I am glad I did.  It is amazing that the quality was completely different with your products.  Will be back to get a pistol.  Keep up the good work."  - December 2015  

"Would like to thank you for the excellent new 1777 St Etienne .69 cal musket. Armory bright, beautiful, kicks like a shotgun, shoots like a dream. Had it vented at Classic Guns in Crete, IL who are known for their restoration work. [Access Heritage] shipped out fast and firearm received (non-vented) in excellent condition via UPS. Couldn’t be happier; thanks again" - Sept 2014

I received my French Flintlock pistol today. I am a master dental technician with over forty years of experience in my field. Attention to detail and craftsmanship have been my life's work.  I am also an experienced woodworker. I make 18th century reproductions of Queen Anne style furniture.  This pistol is more than I expected. It is truly a work of art and craftsmanship." - Sept 2014

“I'd like to see all our veteran soldiers convert to these, using their old muskets as they fine-tune the new ones, then selling their old ones to new recruits”

“Took it to the range today… good grouping on the target. Exceeded my expectations considering the long barrel.”

“ it. Taking my new Bess hunting next week.

“Nice to get the same pistols fired in Pirates of the Caribbean . Jack Sparrow rocks.”

“As a teacher I haven’t drilled out the vent. That way I can demonstrate flintlock muskets used in our War of Independence to my students without breaking my School’s rules on weapons. Thanks again General.”

“ I also wanted to let you know that I finally got a chance to shoot the British Military Doglock Musket, after I drilled a touchhole. Ignition was quick and positive with each shot, when using Fffg Goex Powder as a priming charge. This musket has the best sparking frizzen of any I have ever owned. At 50 and 25 yards, I was able to keep all shots within the 8, 9 & 10 rings of the target, using 70 grains of Ffg Goex and a .685 roundball with a .005 wonder patch. The musket is a great shooter!”

“Happy you can ship to me in New Jersey ….If the vent hole was drilled it wouldn’t be allowed to come here” (note: same restrictions in NYC)

“Just mounted it over the fireplace…. Here in the UK there are numerous laws governing storage & handling of flintlock arms……perfect to have “the real thing” less the vent hole…. no legal irritations.” Sites:

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