We are honoured to have worked with some of the premiere museums and historic sites in the world. In addition numerous film companies and private collectors have graced us with their business in re-creating history. The following are images of some of our recent undertakings.

Fit for a Queen! One of our re-created uniforms, acquired by the Royal Green Jackets Museum, is inspected by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

provided the military costume and equipment for the 2014 Broadway production Amazing Grace: A New Musical

Oct. 2014: Provided 80 complete World War One (WW1) uniforms and equipment to the recreated Newfoundland Regiment. 
See them at Signal Hill National Historic Site in St. John's, Newfoundland

Provided Uniforms, Equipment and Weapons for the Royal N.F. Regiment

Canadian Voltigeur Uniform, 1813
Royal Military College Museum
(Saint Jean)

15th Regiment of Foot Private Uniform, 1837-8
Royal Military College Museum
(Saint Jean)

7th Royal Fusilier Uniform, 1775
Royal Military College Museum
(Saint Jean)

19th Light Dragoon Trooper, 1814
Royal Military College Museum
(Saint Jean)

Royal Artillery Coats, 1812
(Parks Canada)

28e Regiment Voltigeur Shako, 1812

Three of a total of Eight Uniformed Figures for
Battle of Crysler's Farm Exhibit (1813), Upper Canada Village.

Royal Engineer Undress Uniform, 1862
Heritage Toronto, Fort York Display

Commissariat Chapeau 1837 for
Lundy's Lane Historical Museum

1790s British Officer Bicorn
Private Collection

Queen's Ranger, 1793
Heritage Toronto, Fort York

French Lieutenant Infantry Uniform, 1791

24th Regt of Foot Drummer 1830
Fort Lennox National Historic Site

104th Regiment of Foot 1812 Uniforms for
Carleton Martello Tower NHS
Saint John, New Brunswick

French Doublets and Shirts, 1640
Ste Marie Among the Hurons Museum

chasseuracheval.jpg (45548 bytes)chasseuracheval2.jpg (34652 bytes)chasseuracheval3.jpg (46678 bytes)
Imperial Guard Chasseur a cheval c1809
and Mannequin
bearskin1.jpg (19588 bytes)bearskin2.jpg (26633 bytes)
1768 Bearskin Cap
The Smithsonian Institution
41stofficerscoat.jpg (34475 bytes)41stofficerscoat2.jpg (23118 bytes)41stofficerscoat3.jpg (19314 bytes)
41st Regiment of Foot Officer Coat, 1811
(with special regimental pattern silver and black lace)
Fort George National Historic Site

42nd Highland Regiment of Foot
Lance Sergeant Coat

1814officercoat.jpg (71672 bytes)1814officercoat2.jpg (54620 bytes)
1812 Pattern Officer Coat (Closed lapels almost universal by 1814)
Coteau-du-Lac National Historic Site (Parks Canada)
24thofficeruniform.jpg (565244 bytes)
24th Regt of Foot Officer's Uniform,1832
Fort Lennox National Historic Site
(Here is it on
display at the museum)
hussarofficer.jpg (169920 bytes)
Hussar Officer's Uniform
Bloomingdale's Window Display,
New York, New York
47thregimentoffoot.jpg (77937 bytes) 47thregimentoffoottunic.jpg (32706 bytes)
47th Regiment of Foot Private's Tunic 1865
Fort York, Heritage Toronto
rn_capt1.jpg (43953 bytes) rn_capt2.jpg (14276 bytes)
Royal Navy Post Captain,1812
see: Navy and Marine Uniforms

serjt1.jpg (30711 bytes) serjt2.jpg (28270 bytes)
British Light Company Sergeant 1835-1855
(Parks Canada)

habit1.jpg (18730 bytes)habit2.jpg (17559 bytes)
French Infantry Habit-Veste -Bardin Regulations 1812

100th_1.jpg (49891 bytes) 100th_2.jpg (23307 bytes)
British 100th Regiment of Foot Private
(Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site)
navy_lt2.jpg (54374 bytes)navy_lt.jpg (41600 bytes)navyhat.jpg (41741 bytes)hat002.jpg (22979 bytes)
Royal Navy Lieutanent's Uniform 1800-1811
(Fort Malden National Historic Site)
see: Navy and Marine Uniforms

rm_coat1.jpg (24424 bytes) rm_coat2.jpg (23219 bytes)
rm_plate.jpg (19005 bytes) rmshako1.jpg (26900 bytes)
British Royal Marines Uniform 1840-1855
( U.S. National Parks Service)

habit1806_1.JPG (49563 bytes) habit1806_2.JPG (31164 bytes) habit1806_3.JPG (31941 bytes)
French Infantry Uniform 1806-1810

prusse3.jpg (55211 bytes) prusse2.jpg (48149 bytes) hat007.jpg (33723 bytes) hat6.jpg (27382 bytes)
Prussian Lieb Hussar Officer,1813

001.jpg (78912 bytes) hat005.jpg (22589 bytes)
95th Rifles, 1809
(Frazier Historical Museum)
010.jpg (138085 bytes)011.jpg (204621 bytes)009.jpg (144155 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain, 1615
(Ste Marie Among the Hurons Museum)
015.jpg (66587 bytes)014.jpg (82208 bytes)016.jpg (81195 bytes)017.jpg (65196 bytes)
Royal Can. Rifles, 1846-1855
(Fort Wellington Nat. Historic Site)
007.jpg (57931 bytes)008.jpg (62792 bytes)
60th Royal Americans, 1759
(Society of Colonial Wars)
004.jpg (159011 bytes)005.jpg (133145 bytes)
British 19th Light Dragoons, 1812
(Fort York, Toronto)
002.jpg (113339 bytes)003.jpg (120033 bytes)
British 6th Regiment of Foot Bandsman, 1806
(Fort York Museum, Toronto)
012.jpg (116043 bytes)012.jpg (116043 bytes)
Royal Artillery Officer's Servant, 1830
(Artillery Park, Quebec City)
029.jpg (144373 bytes) 030.jpg (128169 bytes)
Royal Staff Corps, 1829
(Parks Canada)
037.jpg (83584 bytes)038.jpg (75346 bytes)
General Marquis de Montcalm, 1759
(PBS' War that made America)

019.jpg (87316 bytes)020.jpg (69746 bytes)
7th Royal Fusiliers Officer's Uniform, 1795
(Parks Canada)
035.jpg (84297 bytes)036.jpg (74068 bytes)
General Braddock, Foot Guards 1755
(PBS' War that made America)
027.jpg (92197 bytes)028.jpg (85702 bytes)
Royal Marines Sergeant, 1812
(U.S.S Constitution Naval Historical Center)
coats.jpg (53675 bytes)41stregt.jpg (40985 bytes)
Various Grenadier Company, 41st Regiment of Foot Coats, 1812
Fort George National Historic Site
Fort York Drums.jpg (47646 bytes)Fort York Guard.jpg (75640 bytes)
Uniforms and Equipment for the Fort York Drums and Infantry, 1815

15th Regiment Officer.jpg (81396 bytes)17th foot.jpg (68746 bytes)44th Regt Officer.jpg (73042 bytes)48th Officer.jpg (69435 bytes)french grenadier.jpg (68517 bytes)bougainville.jpg (66819 bytes)
Other Uniforms made for the PBS Production: War That Made America including 15th, 17th, 44th,
and 48th Regiment of Foot along with a French Grenadier and Aide de Camp

018.jpg (156751 bytes)022.jpg (360756 bytes)024.jpg (55513 bytes)025.jpg (60092 bytes)
Royal Newfoundland Regiment, Grenadier Company and Fife and Drums, 1794
(Signal Hill National Historic Site)
021.jpg (60859 bytes)
Royal Artillery 1794
(Signal Hill National Historic Site)

7e_off1.JPG (102013 bytes)offscale.jpg (34247 bytes)
French 7e Hussar Shako,1806 (Green)
gorget4.jpg (49526 bytes)
French Gorgets (Hausse-cols)

hat003.jpg (28322 bytes)hat001.jpg (23123 bytes)
French Marshal's Bicorn and Officer Bonnet de Police
prushat1.jpg (29674 bytes)
Prussian Life Guard's Trooper Shako, 1813

fr_lt_ept.JPG (57322 bytes) epaulet10.jpg (30405 bytes)epaulet8.jpg (51029 bytes)epaulet4.jpg (25363 bytes)epaulet9.jpg (35985 bytes) epaulet6.jpg (43061 bytes) epaulet5.jpg (40205 bytes)
Various Patterns of Epaulets and Wings

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