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French Army- Ancient Regime Swords

"Epee du Soldat" - Pattern 1730 Infantry Soldier's Sword
French and Indian War (Seven Years War)

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new.gif (3158 bytes) French Infantry Soldier's Sword (1754-63). After attending numerous reenactments and listening to French reenactors express their concerns over the lack of an affordable Epee du Soldat, we decided to do something about it. We are now offering a replica which is quite similar to the quality and appearance to other more expensive replicas of this sword on the market, however at virtually half the price. The photos will testify to its similar quality. This sword has a high carbon steel blade, brass hilt and black leather wrapped wooden scabbard. While this sword is of similar quality to all the other replicas there is room to make surpass them in authenticity. A better brass scabbard throat piece(luckily hidden by the belt's frog), minor blade dimension adjustments and a thinner scabbard are areas we will work on over the next couple of years to improve it accuracy (unfortunately these changes will increase the price). But that is the future.

Right now we offering what the reenacting community has been asking for: a good replica at vitually half the price! In addition there are group discounts of 15% if you order 10 or more. That amounts to 1 1/2 swords free.

Images: 1. Sword beside Scabbard 2. Detail of Guard
3.Detail of Scabbard Tip

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