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1854 Pattern Lorenz Musket, Type II

 American Civil War -  Austro-Prussian War - Second War of Italian Independence


M1854 Lorenz Rifle, Type II: 549.00 (MTS-054)

Both the Union and the Confederacy were desperate for firearms and they turned to Austria for more.  By the end of the American Civil War, Austria's Lorenz Rifle was the third most used musket.  In total the Union purchased over two hundred thousand Lorenz rifles, while the Confederacy bought over 100,000 of them.  In particular the Lorenz rifle saw heavy use in the Western theatre of the war.

Invented by Austrian Lt Joseph Lorenz in 1854, the first model produced had a .54 calibre.  Later this rifle was bored out to .58 calibre and shipped to America.  This modification allowed the same size of ammunition to be used for all top three muskets in the war: the Springfield, Enfield, and Lorenz.


Use of the Lorenz Rifle by both sides in the American Civil War.


This smooth-bore version of the Lorenz musket. If you decide later, a number of gunsmiths can sleeve the barrel with riflings. 

The overall length is 54 inches with a barrel length of 37 1/2 inches. The rifle weighs 8.5 lbs.  The barrel, lock and hardware are all polished steel just like the originals.

The seamless tempered barrels are made of polished high-carbon steel (type:BS970 no.080M40- auto industry foundry) and the breeches are tight.  The breech is stepped to allow the vent to be drilled. 

As with all our other muskets, the vent (connecting hole between nipple and inside of barrel) is not drilled (read details below) so we can ship easily to your door throughout North America and to Europe and the UK. Aside from that they are exactly like the originals. A fine addition to any collection.


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1854 Lorenz Rifle Musket: 549.00 (MTS-054)

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Our Guarantee

If upon receiving your musket you are not completely happy with your purchase, you may return it for a refund. All we ask is you cover the shipping costs. It has to be returned in two weeks of receipt and be in its original state (unaltered and unmodified).

Non-Firing State

We sell historically accurate muskets and pistols in a non-firing state. This allows us to comply with various local, state, national and international firearms regulations, along with shipping company policy restrictions. A certified gunsmith may decide to alter a musket or pistol to a firing state by drilling the connecting hole from the Nipple to the barrel and test firing it. We are not legally responsible for any changes from its present state.     Please read our Conditions of Use and Legal Disclaimer.  The customer is expected to be aware of the laws of their locality that govern products of this nature.


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