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The Royal Newfoundland Regiment Firing Muskets provided by us.
See a Video of them firing at Signal Hill National Historic Site.

  May 2015: Our Firearms Now on Permanent Display at the famous Battle of Waterloo Museum in Belgium!

Our Replica Flintlocks in the TV Series  Sleepy Hollow (click for larger pic)

Our Black Powder Guns on Display at the Pentagon

We are honoured that our reproduction Muskets are now on display at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.

Our Short Land Brown bess in the New AMC TV Series Turn


Our Muzzleloaders return to New York City's Broadway in
Les Miserables, the Opera Tosca, & Amazing Grace 2015

Look at Some of the Films that used our Muskets and Pistols:

Our Blunderbuss in Pirates of the Caribbean

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Imperial Guard Black Powder Gun for sale


Black Powder Muskets and Rifles for Sale

MTS-029 1795 Springfield Infantry Musket -United States 549.00US 649.00CAN

blunderbuss1.jpg (25940 bytes)

MTS-019 Blunderbuss 479.00US 565.00CAN

British Army and Royal Navy

matchlock1.jpg (36975 bytes)

MTS-027 17th Century Matchlock Musket 549.00US 575.00CAN

wpe2.jpg (12701 bytes)

MTS-028 Mid-17th Century Flintlock Musket 549.00US 649.00CAN

doglock1.jpg (23411 bytes)

MTS-025 Military Dog Lock Musket 549.00US 649.00CAN

longland1.jpg (21721 bytes)

MTS-008 Long Land (1st Model) Brown Bess Musket 549.00US649.00CAN

1756_1.jpg (23085 bytes)

MTS-020 Brown Bess Musket - 1756 version SOLD OUT

MTS-009 Short Land (2nd Model) Brown Bess Musket 529.00US 599.00CAN

MTS-002 India Pattern (3rd Model) Brown Bess Musket 499.00US 565.00CAN

MTS-034 New Land Brown Bess Musket 1812-1815 549.000US 585.00CAN

seamusket1.jpg (22040 bytes)

MTS-022 Royal Navy Sea Service Bess Musket 1778-1815 549.00US 565.00CAN

MTS-003 Brown Bess Carbine 499.00US 599.00CAN

MTS-001 Pattern 1806 Baker Rifle 499.00US 565.00CAN

French Military Muskets and Carbines

matchlock1.jpg (36975 bytes)

MTS-027 17th Century Matchlock Musket 549.00US 575.00CAN

MTS-037 French Fur Trade Musket 489.00US 599.00CAN

MTS-010 Model 1717 French Infantry Musket

1728_1.jpg (19553 bytes) MTS-007 Model 1728 French Infantry Musket 549.000US 565.00CAN

MTS-026 Model 1766 French Charleville Infantry Musket 549.000US 649.00CAN

1777_1.jpg (21641 bytes) MTS-006 Model 1777 French Infantry Musket - AN IX version 549.00US 565.00CAN
MTS-036 Napoleon's Imperial Guard Infantry Musket 549.000US 565.00CAN
1777carbine1.jpg (24128 bytes) MTS-021 Model 1777 French Cavalry Carbine 499.000US 549.00CAN
fr_carb1.jpg (30132 bytes) MTS-004 Pattern 1816 Light Cavalry Carbine

German Military Muskets

MTS-035 Prussian 1740 Infantry Musket 549.000US 649.00CAN

pruss1.jpg (30295 bytes)

MTS-005 Pattern 1809 Infantry Musket


British Army and Royal Navy

doglockpistol1.jpg (31323 bytes)

MTS-017 English Civil War Cavalry Pistol 349.00US 349.00CAN

MTS-014 Scottish Highland Pistol 349.00US 349.00CAN

MTS-012 Sea Service Pistol (12 inch barrel) 349.00US 349.00CAN

MTS-013 Sea Service Pistol (9 inch barrel) 349.00US 349.00CAN

MTS-016 English Dragoon Pistol 349.00US 349.00CAN

ld_pistol3.jpg (53200 bytes)

MTS-023 British Light Dragoon Pistol 349.00US 349.00CAN

MTS-018 British New Land Pattern Cavalry Pistol   349.00US 349.00CAN

igniter2.jpg (89784 bytes)

MTS-033 Flintlock Pistol for Firing Artillery  SOLD OUT

French Army Pistols

MTS-030 French 1733 Model Cavalry Pistol 349.00US 399.00CAN

anix_1.jpg (45241 bytes)

MTS-024 French AN IX Cavalry Pistol 349.00US 349.00CAN

German Pistols

MTS-015 Prussian Cavalry Pistol 349.00US 349.00CAN


Bayonets for Firearms

British Army

BAY-001 Baker Sword Bayonet with scabbard 129.000US 139.00CAN Images at bottom of Baker Rifle page
BAY-002 Brown Bess Socket Bayonet 59.000US 59.00CAN

French Army

BAY-004 French 1777 Model Infantry Bayonet 59.000US 59.00CAN
BAY-005 French 1728 Infantry Bayonet 59.000US 59.00CAN




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For United States residents there is NO taxes, duty, restrictions, or brokerage fees, on your orders. We cover any such expenses.

For Canadian residents please add GST or HST depending on your province.

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