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Military Tailor's Drawings

The Discriminating General possesses copies of a number of tailor's books that provide valuable information when reproducing military costume. Here is some examples of historic tailor coat drawings for one regiment: Britain's 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards. Accompanying these drawings were detailed notes on materials, and construction techniques. Other sources we consult when making reproductions include originals, archaeological specimens, regulations, personal accounts, historic drawings, watercolours, photographs, paintings and manuscripts. Authenticity is our number one concern.

New Pattern Private's Coat, 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards June 1796

New Pattern Private's Waistcoat, 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards June 1796

New Pattern Trumpeter's Coat, 3rd Dragoon Guards July 1797

Officer's Coat, 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards 1812

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