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Wool Melton Cloth Fabric

for Historic Clothing - Military Uniforms - Religious Order Cloaks - Jedi Robes - Pea Coats - Winter Overcoats - Santa Claus - School Jackets...

Excellent historic wool broadcloth fabric is now available. This wool weighs 24 oz/ square yard, has a tabby weave, and is an incredible 60 inches (1.524 m.) in loom width. The 24 oz weight was used for both civilian and military outer garments. For example 200 years ago British regimental clothier documents show military coats, waistcoats, trousers, and breeches being made out of this broadcloth. There are a number of wools produced on the market today, but almost all are made in a suiting weight (16oz to 21oz) and are too light for historic, naval or winter garments.

Price: This wool is offered at an extremely affordable price of 22.95US (26.95CAD) per metre (1 metre= 39 inches - almost 10% more cloth than by the yard)
Minimum order: 10 metres per colour (10 metres = 10.93 yards... almost a yard extra). 

Question: I have seen this wool fabric before for over $40.00 per yard. How come you can offer it for so much less?
Through a special arrangement with the mill, we have our wool sent directly to the client from the mill thus saving on warehousing and shipping costs. We then pass those savings on to you.

Question: Can I get samples?
Answer: We will cut and send samples of up to 5 colours for 19.50US (19.50CAD). Samples of all the colours is 39.50US (39.50CAD). Just list the colours wanted on separate lines on our order form.

Question: Can I get less than the minimum 10 metres?
Answer: Yes. You can buy minimum of 5 metres per colour but the price is 29.50US (33.50CAD) per metre.

Examples of museum projects using this wool. See our past projects

(Please note: Colour images vary depending on your computer monitor settings)

Rifle Green

Light Green

Medium Green



(slightly darker than Red)

Deep Purple

Dull or Burnt Orange

Indigo or Blackish Blue

Navy Blue

Medium Blue

Royal Blue

Sky Blue

Purple-red or Deep Crimson

Bright Green
(similar to Pool table Green)


Light Grey

Medium Grey

Dark Grey


Deep Yellow


Oxford Grey

Bright Blue

Natural White




Drab (greenish brown)

Dark Wine


Golden Tan

The following are other images of some of the same fabric colours but in different light. There are also some suggested uses of the colours in historic garments:

Red (British Soldier uniforms along with French and American lapels, etc.)

Rifle Green (example: Napoleonic 95th Rifles)
Indigo Blue (used by a number of light regiments in Napoleon's army, also by American army)
Natural White
(British and American breeches, waistcoats, and forage jackets. Also ideal for French F and I, American Revolution and Napoleonic (1807 regs) uniforms)
Navy Blue (American, French Napoleonic, Royal Navy)
Medium Blue ( good match for American Revolutionary to 1790s uniforms)
Royal Blue (Ideal for 18th Century French uniforms)
Dark Grey (ex. for 1812 Trousers -salt and pepper colour mixture and Greatcoats - 1814 American Shell Jackets)
(British Sergeant uniforms)
Black (example: for Napoleonic Gaiters, Brunswick Corps uniforms)
Sky Blue (used by Lauzon's Hussars and Infantry and numerous French Cavalry units in the Napoleonic period, American Civil War)
Light Grey ( common in French greatcoats, colour often used by reenactors for French marines).
Oxford Grey ( Winter trousers of the British Army began to be made of this very dark grey in the 1830s - civilian uses in overcoats and cloaks)
Tan (used in French Greatcoats in the Napoleonic period).

If there is a specific colour you are looking for, mail us a sample so we can match it.

(Note: This wool cloth has a minor nylon content interwoven along the edge of the fabric to aid the machine to better grab the wool when it is being produced)

Shipping Information... Wool is shipped by UPS Standard throughout North America. Again this wool is heavy and therefore costs are slightly more.

United States 2.75US per metre
Canada 2.00CAD per metre
United Kingdom 9.00CAD per metre

For wool shipments to the United States, U.S. Customs requires us to submit the SSN of the person being shipped the wool by courier ( see FEDEX summary of official Customs Policy here ). If a business, the Fed.Tax ID is required. (To understand how we protect your information please: See our Privacy and Security Policy by clicking here. )   Not required for samples.

Is there a way to avoid providing my SSN? Yes. We can have it shipped Surface Mail (US Post). However it takes longer to receive and because of special handling at the mill (it has to be taken to a Postal Outlet) the cost is $4.00US per metre.

Taxes, Duties, Restrictions, etc... For Canadian residents please add GST or HST depending on your province or territory. For United States residents there is no duty, restrictions, brokerage fees, or taxes on your wool orders when shipped through UPS.

International clients outside North America please contact us for a quote on shipping.

Please Note: Because fabric has to be cut to length required by the client, all fabric purchases are final sale and cannot be returned for refund. This is a standard policy in the fabric industry. Sites:

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