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Articles and Documents

Account of French defeat in Canada, 1755
French Account of Braddock's Defeat, 1755
Robert Clive on the Battle of Calcutta, 1757
Robert Clive on the Battle of Plassey, 1757
General Townshend's Report on the Fall of Quebec, 1759
Captain Knox's Account of the Fall of Quebec, 1759
Rules of Rogers' Rangers, 1759
James Wolfe on an Amphibious Raid on Rochefort, 1757
Lieutenant Montgomery on the Battle of Minden, 1759
An Assessment of French Military Power, 1753
Reveries on the Art of War, 1757
Capture of L'Orphée and Le Foudroyant, 1758
The Battle of Quiberon Bay: An English View
The Battle of Quiberon Bay: Admiral Hawke
The Battle of Quiberon Bay: English Chaplain

Capture of the Treasure Ship Hermione, 1762

The King of Prussia's Military Instruction to His Generals
Particular Instruction of the King of Prussia to the Officers of his Army, and especially those of the Cavalry.

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