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Helmet of the Royal Canadian Dragoons

Officers of the Royal Canadian Dragoons preparing to join their respective troops on parade.
They are wearing helmets made by (photo: R. Henderson)



Royal Canadian Dragoon's Helmet 595.00CAN In 2008, the regiment required new helmets for its 125th anniversary celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada. The previous helmets were too heavy and extremely uncomfortable and other suppliers only offered over-sized awkward designs that flopped around when mounted or when on the march. Lastly a couple of UK companies offer solutions but were 3 times the price of what could be afforded.

With only 4 months before the muster, we were able to re-design the helmet so that it was both comfortable for the modern size of head, was properly proportioned, regained its original elegant shape, and was less prone to denting; as was the case with the first version a hundred years ago. All the helmets were delivered on time and on budget and the regiment looked incredible!

To read about the history and uniform of the regiment click here.

One of over 150 Royal Canadian Dragoons on Parliament Hill
(photo: R. Henderson)

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