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Militaria Plates and Badges, Buckles, Chin Chains and scales, woollen pompons and tufts, woollen cap cords, stock clasps, etc..

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YES we ship to the United Kingdom!

Finest Quality Gilt Wire Shoulder Aiguillette
(also available in Silver Wire)

With so many poor quality mylar and fake wire aiguillettes being sold, we found it necessary to offer this product.  As the image attests this right shoulder aiguillette is incredible.

$99.00  $99.00 each  
Gold Item Code: MIS016G
Silver Item Code: MIS016S

Rifles and Light Infantry Lion, Whistle and Chain Set - Napoleonic Wars

click for details

$58.00  $58.00 each   Item Code: MIS041A


British Victorian Lion, Whistle and Chain Set

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$58.00  $58.00 each   Item Code: MIS041B

  British Cavalry Lion, Chain and Spike Set (Plate Style)

Used by cavalry (now armoured) regiments, the spikes symbolic of the headless nails used by light cavalry to "spike" 


British Royal Artillery Shako Plate 1800-1813

$49.00  $49.00 each   Item Code: MIS060

British Royal Artillery Shako Plate 1813-1815

$49.00  $49.00 each   Item Code: MIS061


French 1812 Pattern Voltiguer Plate 1812-1815

$45.00  $45.00 each   Item Code: MIS056


French Napoleonic Young Guard Plate This is the Jeune Garde shako plate. A similar one, without the crown, was used on the giberne for the Chasseur pied de la Garde.

price: 45.00US - 45.00CAD MIS-057

French 1812 Pattern Grenadier Plate 1812-1815

price: 45.00US - 45.00CAD - MIS-058

French 1806 Pattern Diamond Shako Plate

price: 45.00US - 45.00CAD MIS-023

British 24th Regiment of Foot Bell Top Shako Plate (1828-1840)

price: 59.00US - 59.00CAD MIS-059

British 93rd Highlanders Bonnet Badge This bonnet badge was worn by the regiment when they made their famous stand in the Crimean War against the onslaught of Russian Cavalry, famously referred to as "the Thin Red Line".

price: 39.00US - 39.00CAD MIS-026

imperialguardplate.jpg (83217 bytes) Imperial Guard Bearskin Plate 1805-1815 Made in copper, this plate was used by Napoleon's grenadiers a pied de la garde at the height of the Empire. While the Imperial Guard went to a brass version in officially in 1812, the copper plate continued its use all the way to the Battle of Waterloo. Stamped from an original plate, this reproduction is simply beautiful!

price: 49.00US - 49.00CAD MIS-050

1800plte.jpg (19093 bytes) British Stovepipe Shako Plate 1800-1812 Stamped from an original, this brass plate is a most for British Army enthusiasts!

price: 49.00US - 49.00CAD MIS-030

1812 belgic plate.JPG (76506 bytes) British Belgic Shako Plate 1812-1815 This is the same one that was worn at Waterloo. Stamped in brass this plate is an other ranks plate because of the absence of a pebbled background. The pebbled background were officer plates.

price: 49.00US - 49.00CAD MIS-028

royal scots plate 1800 1812.JPG (64306 bytes)royal scots peninsula plate.JPG (139145 bytes) Royal Scots Stovepipe Shako Plate 1800-1812 Several Battalions of the Royal Scots serviced all over the world during the Napoleonic Wars. Being an old regiment, the Royal Scots had a special shako plate with its regimental motto "nemo me impune Lacessit" (Latin for 'No one touches me with impunity"). This motto is also the motto of the Order of the Thistle. Perfect for any Scottish Heritage enthusiast.

price: 59.00US - 59.00CAD MIS-051

royal scots plate 1812 1815.JPG (60416 bytes) Royal Scots Belgic Shako Plate 1812-15 The plate used by the Royal Scots at the end of the War of 1812 and the Battle of Waterloo.

price: 58.00US - 58.00CAD MIS-052

lionswordbelthardware.jpg (41705 bytes) Gold or Silver Lion's Head Sword Belt Sets.
Each set consists of Lion's head and snake clasp, two lion headed sling buckles and to plated rings, suitable for infantry sword waistbelts. Comes in Gold or Silver Plating.

price: 59.00US - 59.00CAD

(additional sling buckle and ring for Cavalry belts available for 19.00US 20.00CAD 10.00GBP extra)

tufts.jpg (35798 bytes) British Shako Tufts or Hackles now available. Our tufts are like the originals. They made of wool tufting around a wood core or ball. It is difficult to tell them from the originals. They are simply beautiful and extremely durable in the rain, snow, sun, etc.

price: 25.00US - 25.00CAD (MIS-054)

pompoms.jpg (37690 bytes) French Shako Pompoms now available. Our pompoms are like the originals. They made of wool tufting around a wood core or ball. It is difficult to tell them from the originals. They are simply beautiful and extremely durable in the rain, snow, sun, etc. We have a number of colours in stock including sky blue, green, yellow, red, aurore (orange-like), wine (purplish red), white and white-over-red.

price: 25.00US - 25.00CAD (MIS-047)

stockandclasps.jpg (12064 bytes) British Leather Stock with Brass Clasps 1790-1854 now available. Designed from an original! All you do is punch the holes to mount the clasps to fit your neck size (maximum neck size 17 inches) 35.00US (35.00CAN) MIS-048
shoebuckles.jpg (27912 bytes) 18th Century Brass Shoe Buckles 19.50US (19.50CAN) MIS-049

95bugle.jpg (9633 bytes)

MIS-043 British Napoleonic Bugle Badge Made of pewter, this is an excellent replica with crisp detailing. Available for 18.50US (19.50CAN)


sash.jpg (9371 bytes)

MIS-042 Officer Sashes Loose weave crimson-coloured British Line Infantry sashes for sale at 55.00US (59.50CAN)


drumplate.jpg (6552 bytes)

MIS-040 Shako Drummer's Badge Since the introduction of the cloth mitre cap, drummers had worn a metal drum on the rear of their caps. By the Napoleonic Wars, shakos began to be worn by drummers on campaign, leaving their bearskin caps for the parade square. To make them distinct from the rest of the men's shakos, drummers wore a brass drum on the rear. This continued throughout the first half of the 19th century. Click here for an image of a fifer in 1828 wearing the brass drum at the rear of his shako. A great tradition to revive for your fife and drum corps! 15.95US (17.00CAN) each.


bugle_b.jpg (5374 bytes)

MIS-039 Bugle Badge This style of brass bugle badge became popular in the 1830-1870 period with British Rifle regiments. It is the size that would have been worn on the rifleman's cartridge pouch and forage cap. This size can also be found on the second pattern Albert shako. 12.50US (13.95CAN) each.


Military Lace and Braid

MIS-037 Wool, Gold and Silver Lace or Braid Information on our Military braid and lace can now be found here: Military Lace and Braid

Wool Melton Cloth MIS-038 Wool Cloth Information on our Wool cloth can now be found here: Wool Melton Cloth


1768 Bearskin British Shako French Shako

Wool Bearskin and Shako Cords Now available are woollen cords for the British 1768 Bearskin cap (1768-1800) for 28.00US (39.00CAN) each (#MIS-034). As well we have British Belgic Shako knotted cords which are more square in shape: 28.00US (29.50CAN) each (#MIS-035).

French Shako woollen cords in white, yellow or red are offered here for 35.00US (38.00CAN) each (MIS-036). French gold and silver (mylar) shako cords also available along with Gold/red mixed cords for sergeants -each for 45.00US (49.00CAN) (MIS-045)


93_badge.jpg (2758 bytes)

crown_n.jpg (2504 bytes)

Bearskin, Shako, & Cartridge Pouch Plates We have a number of bearskin and shako plates for sale: We have a number of bearskin and shako plates for sale:


MIS-033 1768-1800 Private Bearskin Cap Plate .49.00US (52.00CAN) It comes completely painted!
MIS-033.1 1768-1800 Officer's Bearskin Cap Plate .79.00US (82.00CAN) It comes gold plated and black painted!
MIS-032 1768-1800 Drummer Bearskin Cap Plate 49.00US (52.00CAN)

MIS-031 1800-1815 Brass Bearskin Cap Plate 92.00US (95.00CAN)
MIS-027 93rd Bonnet Badge (Napoleonic) 35.00US (36.75CAN)


MIS-025 Officer's Gilt Cartridge Pouch Plate Officer's Gilt Cartridge Pouch Plate 35.00US (36.75CAN)
MIS-024 Grenadier or Carabinier Cartridge Pouch Grenade Plate 29.50US (43.25CAN)
MIS-022 1806 White Metal Diamond Plate with Bugle 65.00US (69.50CAN)
MIS-021 1812 Pattern Plate 45.00US (49.50CAN)
MIS-020 Bugle and Grenade Cartridge Pouch Plate 27.50US (28.50CAN)
MIS-019 Pioneer Crossed-Axes Plate 19.50US (21.00CAN)
MIS-018 Crowned "N" Cartridge Pouch (Giberne) Plate 19.00US (22.00CAN)


Foot Guard Chinchain Household Helmet Chinchain

Chin Chains and Chin Scales We have modern Foot Guard Bearskin Chin Chains which can altered into French Napoleonic chin Chains. They retail for 55.00 (59.00CAN) each (#MIS-016). Also available are chin chains for Pith helmets and household helmets for 45.00US (49.50CAN) each (#MIS-017).


Gold Epaulet Silver Epaulet Detail of Gold Epaulet

1768-1815 French and British Epaulettes We carry one style in stock which is priced each at 59.00US (59.00CAN) (#MIS-015) and is illustrated here.


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Stock Clasps

MIS-011 British Napoleonic Stock Clasps These rectangle-shaped fasteners are used to hold the leather stock in place around the soldier's neck. One set retails for 22.50 US (25.00CAN).


French Cockade on Shako

Leather Cockades! Tooled leather cockades on shakos are now for sale. The French cockade is 5.00US (5.50CAN) unpainted (#MIS-008)


sabreta.gif (39402 bytes)

MIS-006 French Sabretache Crown, Eagle, and Number Other ranks Napoleonic mountings for a trooper's sabretache. One set retails for 45.00US (49.50CAN).

French Waistbelt Buckles and Plates Made in brass, or with gold or silver plating, depending on regiment.

MIS-005 General Officer's Waistbelt Plate 62.00US (65.50CAN)

MIS-004 Imperial Guard Waistbelt Plate 62.00US (65.50CAN)

MIS-003 Gerdarmerie Imperiale Waistbelt Plate 62.00US (65.50CAN)

MIS-002 Lion's Heads and Snake Waistbelt clasp 35.00US (39.50CAN)

MIS-001 Medusa Head Waistbelt Clasp, and Medusa Sling Holders 95.00US (98.00CAN)

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