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German, Japanese, Austrian, and Russian Army and Navy Swords

18th Century - Napoleonic Wars - 19th Century - World War Two

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New! The Incredible Sword of one of the World's
Most Famous Hussars

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Japanese NCO's "Shin-gunto" Sword. Carried by Non-commissioned Officers in the Japanese Army, this sword is a fascinating example of war-time production in Japan. Instead complex hilt design, this sword has a aluminium cast hilt which is painted to "fake" the look of "ito" or lacing. These swords were all factory made and numbered as such. This replica reproduces all the maker's markings and factory numbers with great detail.

The fullered blade is made of high carbon steel and has good balance. The scabbard is painted olive green like many of the originals. This is a high quality replica.

Images: 1. Sword beside Scabbard 2. Hilt 3. Hilt Detail showing Maker's Marks 4. Detail showing Seppa and Factory numbers on Blade

japan_off2.jpg (18372 bytes)


Japanese Officer's "Shin-gunto" Sword. Displayed here is a typical officer's sword carried in the Japanese Army at the beginning of WW II. Unlike the more famous folded steel Japanese blades, swords made at the opening of World War 2 were mass produced and this is an excellent reproduction of one of those swords.

In the early part of the war, often the scabbard was painted different colours like brown or navy blue, or left with a steel finish like this replica. As the images attest, the detailing of this sword is superb. From the reddish brown "ito", or lacing, of the grip to the brass mountings on the hilt and scabbard. This reproduction's blade is made of high carbon steel and the entire sword is hand finished, and is of museum-quality. It is a must for any historical enthusiast on the war in the Pacific.

Images: 1. Sword beside Scabbard 2. Hilt 3. Hilt Detail showing Seppa and Tsuba along with the Koiguchi of the Scabbard 4. End of scabbard (Ishizuke) 5.Push button Catch and Habaki 6. Sword in Scabbard

1796lc_2.jpg (20924 bytes)


Prussian "Blucher" Sabre. This is a beautiful sword with its wide sweeping blade and stirrup grip. Adopted by the Prussians around 1812 when thousands were shipped from Britain to finance the Prussia's war effort against Napoleon. It was nicknamed the "Blucher" sabre for General Blucher who commanded the Prussian Army when it entered to save the day for the Allies at the Battle of Waterloo. Eventually their manufacture was taken up in Prussia and for the first part of the 19th century was chief light cavalry sabre. It also found favour with the United States. The US dragoon pattern for the War of 1812 was identical to this sword except the scabbard was blackened. The steel hilt of the reproduction is very well executed with smooth junctions. The black leather grip has very well defined ribbing making it a superior copy. The smart-looking 33 inch blade is made of high carbon "spring" steel. This sword comes with a well-constructed steel scabbard with two suspension rings. A great addition to your German sword collection! Images: 1. Sword beside Scabbard 2. Detail of Hilt 3.Sword in Scabbard 4. Another Hilt Detail

Prussian Hussar, c1815


g_navy1.jpg.jpg (54900 bytes)


Imperial German Navy Sword. Introduced in 1890, this was the pattern dress sword for Germany's Naval Officers during WW I and WW II and is still in use today. This is truly a well executed sword with a ornately decorated double folding guard that locks into the scabbard (a system adopted from the Royal Navy 1827 pattern). The beautifully ribbed white grip with the full faced loin's head back strap gives this sword a uniquely Napoleonic flare to it. The smooth high carbon steel blade is particularly well crafted. Completing this sword is a two ringed brass and leather scabbard. A must for any Navy enthusiast.

Images: 1. Sword with Scabbard 2.Close up of Hilt 3. Hilt outside of Scabbard 4. Sword in Scabbard

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