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"One of the World's Greatest Hussars"
Austro-Hungarian Hussar Sabre of General Andreas Hadik c.1760

Frederick the Great's advise to his Generals: "watch out for Hadik."

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Born in 1710 to a noble Hungarian family in the Austrian Empire, Andreas Graf Hadik (Count Hadik von Futak) began his military life as a Hussar at the age of 20. After fighting in the War of the Polish Succession (1733-1738) and the Russo-Turkish War (1735-39), Hadik rose to the rank of captain.

However it was in the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48) that he showed the depth of his talents as a crafty light cavalry Hussar. Hadik applied himself to waging a successful "petite guerre" against Prussians using deception and surprise attacks to keep his enemy off balance near the city of Neisse. Hadik was one of the few bright spots for Austria during that war and Hadik was rewarded with the rank of General by war's end.

Attempting to reverse the humiliation of the last war, Austria again went to war in 1756 against Prussia and their brilliant king, Frederick the Great. At the Battle of Lobositz, Hadik saved a retreating Austrian army from complete annihilation by a timely counterattack of pursuing Prussian cavalry by his hussars. In 1757, at the Battle of Prague and Kolin, Hadik commanded a cavalry division. The Battle of Kolin he participated in the famous Austrian charge of General Nadasdy, which turned the battle to Austria's favour and handed Frederick the Great his first defeat of the war.

The Seven Years War provided Hadik with the opportunity to acheive the great success of a Hussar in history. In 1757 while Prussian armies were engaged in the south, Hadik lead a corps of over 5000 troops (mostly Hussars) at lightning speed around Prussian positions and stabbed like a dagger at the heart of Prussia: its capital, Berlin. On October 16 Hadik suddenly appeared at the gates of Berlin to the surprise of its defenders. Three Prussian regiments formed quickly to repulse the bold Austrians, but Hadik immediately charged with his Hussars and broke their centre, sending them to flight. With possession of Berlin, Hadik had achieved what appeared to be the impossible. Hadik ransomed the city and two days later departed, ending what is considered one of the most daring raids in modern Military History.

Frederick the Great was so humiliated by Hadik's action that even after the war he refused to speak to Hadik. Hadik rose to the rank of Field Marshall and continued to serve Austria until his death in 1790.

Andreas Graf Hadik (Count Hadik von Futak).


As the images attest this is gorgeous example of a Hussar Officers sabre of the mid-18th Century. With its brass "D" shaped hilt and beautifully constructed ribbed leather grip decorated with brass star studs. The etching on the 33 1/2 inch high carbon steel blade is simply wonderful. The detailing on the wood supported leather and brass scabbard rounds on this piece making it one of the most elegant replicas on the market today. It's magnificant historical significance aside, this sword is simply a jaw-dropping work of art.

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