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95th Rifles Regimental Pattern Sabre 1803-1821

Peninsular War -   War of 1812   -   Waterloo

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Sword (including Scabbard):

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($268.00 CAD)


Item Code: SWD095


Finally we have reproduced the regimental sword of the famous 95th Rifles!  Ever since Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe's Rifles novels became famous, clients have been asking for us to make this sabre.  Designed after the original in the National Army Museum (London), this regimental pattern sword was adopted sometime after 1803 and would have been used by the 95th Rifles throughout its adventures in the Iberian Peninsula, and at the Battle of Waterloo.

A number of Light Infantry Regiments (examples: the King's German Legion, Glengarry Light Infantry) copied this pattern of sabre. As the pictures below attest, this sword is a work of art.  The high carbon steel slab blade style makes it stronger for field service, and more durable when defending against a mounted attack.  The original blade has faded evidence of complex acid etching which we have not reproduced, so our replica is not passed off as an original.  The leather scabbard is based on an 1812 watercoloured print of a 95th officer showing this configuration:


Overall Length: 37 inches (97 cm)
Blade Length: 31.5 inches (80 cm)
Sword without Scabbard Weight: 2 lbs (900g)

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