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Our Past Projects Section section shows new British Infantry and Royal Navy uniforms.

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British Cartridge Box 1804-1815

British Officer, Sergeant, and Drummer Swords

British Army Painted Knapsacks

British Army Cartridge Pouch

British Sergeant's Sash

Wool Cloth

Gold and Silver Lace, etc.


The Collection

Accessories A miscellaneous category of items. Presently they include: sashes, stocks, shako plates, tufts or hackles, lace and so on. More details in this section.

Bearskin Caps The majority of drummers and grenadiers in the British army were issued with Bearskin caps along with shako. Up to 1800 the pattern 1768 cap was worn . In the 1790s this pattern was dressed up with a white feather plume and white woollen cords cascading over the front of the bearskin. In 1800 this cap was replaced with a non-collapsible, cane-framed one with a brass plate. The red patch at the rear disappeared. Drummer's pattern had a metal drum at the rear while the grenadiers' had a grenade.

HAT002 1768 Patt. Bearskin Cap 595.00USD (695.00CAN)

Bicorns and Chapeau Bras This is a very popular request and there is always a long waiting list for these highly-complex and labour-intensive replicas. They are made to order and are a work of art.

HAT004 Napoleonic Style Bicorn or Chapeau Bras 359.00US (395.00CAN) Image of Royal Navy fore-and-aft Bicorn

Epaulets Many of our epaulets are custom-made and range from 195.00 to 500.00 depending on the style. In the past we have done Drummer's Major's, Major's, Colonel's, General's, and Regimentally specific designs. However we do offer an in-stock typical British Napoleonic Epaulet in both silver and gold at a very good price:

MIS-015 Napoleonic Style Epaulet 59.00US (75.00CAN) each
Gold Epaulet Silver Epaulet Detail of Gold Epaulet

Gorgets Worn around the neck by infantry officers while on duty, the gorget evolved in shape and markings throughout the 18th and early 19th century (abolished 1831). We have two Napoleonic patterns. Both are 95.00US (95.00CAN).

GOR-001 Late 18th Century Embossed Gorget IMAGE
GOR-002 Universal Pattern Gorget 1796 -1830 IMAGE SOLD OUT

Headdress Plates For your original or replica headdress we offer:

See this section.

Headdress Trimmings Included in this section are cords, pompons (tufts, hackles), and plumes. Further information can be found in this section.

MIS-034 1768 Pattern Bearskin Cords 45.00US (49.00CAN)
MIS-035 1812 Pattern Belgic or "Waterloo" Shako Cords 45.00US (49.00CAN)

See this section for more.

Lace and Braid We provide woollen, metal, and metallic braid at affordable prices.

See this section for more details

Muskets and Rifles This is a new area which will be updated with more information. Presently we will be offering the Baker rifle, India Pattern Brown Bess Musket, and the Brown Bess Carbine. The same manufacturer provided these models to the television series "Sharpe's Rifles" and are widely used with most reenactment groups in the UK and Australia. Because of customs and other various firearms legislations, we will be providing these items as non-functioning in that the vents have not been drilled. Visit our Musket Section for complete details.

Shakos We can produce a variety of patterns of British shakos to meet your needs. They are made from the best materials from around the world: woollen felt from Poland, linen for liners from Ireland, wool yarn for tufts (pompons) from Iceland, leathers from traditional tanneries of England, lace and other trimmings from France and England and so on. All this comes together to create the best reproductions found anywhere!

HAT005 Regimental Stovepipe Shako 299.00US (359.00CAN)
HAT006 Waterloo Shako 325.00US (375.00CAN)
HAT007 95th Rifles Shako $299.00US (359.00CAN)

Example Images:
16th Light Dragoon Officer 1812
Grenadier Stovepipe 1806-12
"Waterloo" Shako for the Royal Scots

Tinware Three items make up this section. The Napoleonic period was a transitional time were we see both the tin and the wooden canteen being used both in the War of 1812 (Commissariat issue records) and in the Peninsula (watercolour illustrations). The mess tin offered here is the D tin adopted by some regiments shortly after 1812 and also saw service in the American Civil War. This example is based on numerous archaeological examples found in Canada. Interestingly enough, many of the specimens had graffiti scratched into them by their owners. Look for more additions to this section.

TIN-001 Kidney-Shaped Tin Canteen (Waterbottle) 49.50US (62.00CAN) IMAGE
TIN-002 Half-Moon Shaped Tin Canteen (Waterbottle) 29.50US (42.00CAN ) IMAGE 1, IMAGE 2
TIN-003 "D" Shaped Mess Tin  Sold OUT  IMAGE 1, IMAGE 2

Uniforms We have constructed everything from fife cases to forage caps. For example we have reproduced other rank coats in the 1796, 1797, and 1803 and 1812 patterns for: Royal Artillery, 8th Regiment, 41st Regiment, 71st Regiment, 10th Royal Veteran Battalion, 95th Rifles, 100th Regiment, Canadian Fencibles, and so on. All are based on original coats and made of custom dyed madder red, woollen lace, woollen serge lining material, etc, and all visible seams are hand sewn and edges left rough. The same concerns go into all of our other products. We do not compromise on quality and that is why the majority of our clients have been museums. To see same examples click below:

Past Projects Section

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