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British Army Cartridge Box or Pouch
1777 Rawle's Pattern

American Revolution - Napoleonic - War of 1812

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This 36-round reversible-block cartridge pouch is copied from an original in the Canadian War Museum. Attention to detail has been key in the reproducing of this item. The pouch flap is rough-side-out and the tab has been blind stitched. Inside the original the flap has been left natural, so too with our replica.

Missing from the original is the hand woven leather button which has been recreated from another surviving example. The original studied had a block made of maple, like our reproduction, and the block's leather flaps were made of doeskin.

The entire pouch is handmade including the buckles. On the over 200-year-old original the linen stitching seems to have been turned to its whitish look. However on careful examination of the non- exposed areas, the stitches is blackened by either blacking ball, or blacking mixed in the threads while it was being sewn. Therefore all of the stitching on the original has been done in black.


This style of pouch was used during the American Revolution along with a couple of other styles of cartridge boxes. It is commonly referred to the 1777 Pattern "Rawle Pouch" because of a patent on its design by that supplier to the British Army (the Patent itself encompasses a number of other pouch designs as well) . In 1784 a new pattern was introduced into the British Army. However this pattern slowly fell out of favour, and the 36 round pouch made a come back in the late 1790s. Why a resurgence is not quite known. It is possible the Rawle's patent expired allowing the Army to have them made more inexpensively. Regimental inspection returns show some regiments still carrying them in 1812. This is surprising because a new 60 round pouch was approved for the army in 1804. Obviously the army tradition of wearing items until they feel apart continued and it wasn't until 1813 that all the regiments got the new pouch and this pouch finally disappeared.

Please note: This pouch closes with the proper leather button system. The use of a brass stud in approved British Army pouches did not happen until 1817.

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