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Navy and Marine Uniforms

The following are examples of past projects. In addition we have recreated items from the navies of France, Great Britain, Germany and the United States. Just click on the images to view larger versions. See our other sections for buttons, swords, sword knots, and belt plates and other naval items.

Royal Navy Post-Captain's Coat, 1812

Below is a front and rear image of a post-captain coat and waistcoat for the 1812 Regulations. As well there in an image of the pocket and cuff lace arrangement. The last image is of pages from an original 1813 tailor's notes of the said coat along with other officer coats. This item is made from superfine wool (100.00 per metre) and is finished by hand. There is a couple of weeks of work in each one. Coat: 1450.00US (1550.00CAN) Epaulets: 295.00US (325.00CAN) pair. (based on sizes 38 to 44 inch chest)

rn_capt1.jpg (43953 bytes) rn_capt2.jpg (14276 bytes) rn_capt3.jpg (58076 bytes) rndrawing.jpg (26573 bytes)

Royal Navy Lieutenant's Uniform, 1800-1811

These images are of our re-created Lieutenant's full dress uniform including a detail of the button twist on the lapels and collar along with the belt plate and an undress fore-and-aft bicorn (chapeau bras). While the 1795 dress regulations established this uniform, its cut matches that of the post-1800 period like at the Battle of Trafalgar. This item is made from superfine wool (100.00 per metre) and is finished by hand. There is a couple of weeks of work in each one. Coat: 1250.00US (1350.00CAN) Bicorn: 349.00US (395.00CAN)

navy_lt2.jpg (54374 bytes) navy_lt.jpg (41600 bytes) navyhat.jpg (41741 bytes)

Royal Marine's Uniform 1840-1855

Included here are images of an other ranks coat (1830 - 1855), belt plate, the unique royal marine epaulets (shoulder scales) and two images of the bell top shako and its plate as it appeared after the 1840 changes. The shako plate continued into the Crimean War.

rm_coat1.jpg (24424 bytes) rm_coat2.jpg (23219 bytes) rm_plate.jpg (19005 bytes)
epaulet7.jpg (25525 bytes) rmshako1.jpg (26900 bytes) rmshako2.jpg (28380 bytes)


Royal Navy Full Dress Bicorn, 1795-1812 595.00US (625.00CAN)

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