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(Promotional Items: If you are a company or organization looking for promotional items to meet you specific needs we may be able to help. We have in-house design and manufacture capabilities and have designed and manufactured numerous types of promotional items including letter openers, pins, plaque badges, and buttons. Please contact us for minimum order requirements.)

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Letter Opener of Napoleon's Court Sword Idea for the student of Napoleon. This is elegent and well crafted. (Actual Length 9 1/2"). The images speak for themselves.

NAP-005............19.50   Close up of handle

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French "Sabre Briquet" Letter Opener Perfect for the office of any Napoleonic enthusiast, especially the sword collector. This is a miniature replica of the sword carried by the French soldier during Napoleon's reign. It was so popular that a number of other nations adopted for their own armies. (Actual Length 10"). You will be amazed at its quality and price.

NAP-001.............. No Longer Available

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Imperial Guard
Blazer Buttons Wear your interest in the Napoleonic Wars! Replace your blazer buttons with the buttons of, for example, Napoleon's Imperial Guard or Nelson's Navy. All buttons are gold-plated, a classy touch that can be added to your wardrobe today. Each set consists of 8 buttons. Compare with other fine, gold-plated buttons at your local fabric store - unbeatable value and style.

Each Set ............ No Longer Available

Styles available:

BUT-001 Napoleon's Imperial Guard

BUT-002 Nelson's Royal Navy

BUT-003 Napoleon's Artillery

BUT-004 Napoleon's Imperial Gendarmerie (not shown - button of Napoleon's Military Police displaying gothic sword, flags, and rope border)

BUT-005 British Napoleonic Royal Artillery and Engineers (not shown - three cannons (guns) on a shield - this device was the mark of the Board of Ordnance and was stamped on every fortification engineering map)

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Lapel Pins Accent your personal attire with gold-plated lapel pins, a popular item among all Napoleonic enthusiasts. A unique gift to top off a Birthday or Christmas card! Not available in stores.

Each pin.............No Longer Available

Styles available:

PIN-001 Crowned "N" for Napoleon (shown)
PIN-002 Napoleon's Imperial Eagle

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French Miniature Cannon What every war gamer or collector should have on his desk. This French cannon comes complete with a crowned "N" in laurels on its bronze finished barrel. A true symbol of Napoleon's tactical genius. One of our clients went as far as to paint the carriage with olive green and black with startling results. Made entirely of metal, 7" in length, with 2.75" revolving wheels, and removable ammunition magazine - you will not be disappointed!

NAP-002 .................. no longer available

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AN IX (Pattern 1801) French Cavalry Pistol Replacing the 1777 model, the 1801 model was carried by the majority of Napoleon's Cavalry during the height of the Empire. This decorative replica has a brun foncé stained hardwood stock, antiqued metal barrel and lock, and simulated brass pieces. Complete with Manufacture impériale de St. Etienne arsenal and rack number markings! Moveable parts include trigger, pan cover and hammer (cock) - screws and ramrod are not removable. Please note pistol is not functional. Total length of this item is 13.5 inches. Two lbs weight gives it the feel of the original and is suitable as a film prop. Perfect for display in any office or home- in fact, a pair of these pistols grace the walls of Access Heritage Inc (formerly The Discriminating General)'s office!

NAP-003 .................. no longer available

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AN XIII French Cavalry Pistol for a French Marshal This fine replica pistol is an ornate version of the AN XIII pattern pistol that would have been found in the holsters of one of Napoleon's Marshals. Details include an imperial eagle encircled by a Roman-style classical wreath on the butt plate; a crowned "N" in laurels plate on the side of the pistol's grip; and decorative engraving on the lock plate and barrel band (see images). As with the AN IX pattern, this is a non-functioning, full-size, decorative replica. Moveable parts include trigger, pan cover and hammer (cock) - screws and ramrod are not removable. Length of this pistol is 12 inches and its weight is 1.7 lbs. Every follower of Napoleon should display one!

NAP-004 .................. no longer available.

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Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Issued to Victoria's soldiers, this medal is silver plated with a beautiful ribbed crimson ribbon. The revise side of the medal has helmets, trumpets, flags, cannon balls, and Britain's coat of arms- all arranged in the Baraoque style.

MED-001 longer available
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Brass Light Infantry Bugles Introduced near the end of the Napoleonic Wars, this fully- functional bugle saw extensive use throughout the British Army for the entire 19th Century. When not in use this item makes an excellent display piece. This style also saw service in the American Civil War.

MUS-003.......................No Longer Available

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