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Access Heritage Inc (formerly The Discriminating General)'s Favourite Links

We started this page in 1995. At that time the internet was in its infancy. There were only a handful of military heritage sites. Now there are literally thousands. Because of this we have not continued to maintain this page. However there are still links of interest here. Enjoy.


Canadian War Museum. Great site! Try out the trivia section. They are certainly taking a leadership role in this media for communicating their messages. Their new gallery tour will take you through Canada's military heritage from Colonial times to Peacekeeping. (English, Français)

National Army Museum. Detailed information on museum. (English)

Imperial War Museum. Nice that you can access the museum`s departments.(English)

National Museums of Scotland. General information on Scottish United Services Museum. While their web link isn't anything to look at, dealing with the helpful staff of the SUSM is a pure pleasure. (English)

The Victoria and Albert Museum. (English)

Parks Canada's National Historic Sites. Clearing house of general information of numerous national military sites across Canada. Parks Canada Homepage has to other international historic site organizations of interest. To get to the National Historic Sites click "Visit Us", then "National Historic Sites", then "alphabetical listing across Canada". Sorry the site is hurting for multimedia. (English, Français)

Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. Great site! Informative and visually appealing with attractive wallpaper, site images, etc. (Deutsch, English, Français)

The Louisbourg Institute Home Page. This includes the above link as well as offering information on the research projects, tourist information, historical societies, etc. associated with the site and the surrounding area. Also has a 3D vitual reality game. (English)

The National Parks Service of the United States (English)

Tower of London. One of the best museum vitual tours on the net! Its enjoyable to hear Rule Brittania as background music while reading the site's text.(English)

Colonial Williamsburg. Take a tour of this famous site. (English)

Napoleonic Sites

Napoleonic Literature. Great Site for the Napoleonic enthusiast! John Schneider has done a great service to us all. Visit it. (English)

The Napoleon Series Fons Libert has provided us tons of information, articles, the only Napoleonic discussion forum, and links for the napoleonic enthusiast. Any interested in the said period will find him or herself visiting this site time and time again. (English, Français in places)

Brigade Napoléon. Bravo to Bill Teefy! Through his hardwork the Brigade Napoléon is on the internet. This organization will ensure the steady growth of Napoleonic reenactment in North America. If there are other units in North America recreating Napoleonic French or French Ally units this is the organization for you. This page has some excellent graphics produced by Mr Teefy particularly under the 21e Regiment section. (English)

Histoire et Figurines. Emmanuel Desanois and his collegues have begun an ambitious project of developing an archives of Napoleonic army information for the miniature wargamer. While the latter is their focus the content is also draws the interest of the average Napoleonic enthusiast.(English, Français)

Battle of Waterloo Site.(Deutsch, English, Français, Nederlands)

Napoléon. Site for study of Napoleon I and Napoleon III. (English, Français)

Napoleonic Medals. Information on Napoleonic medals. (English)

Other Favourites

War, Peace & Security This site is produced by the Information Resource Centre of Canadian Forces College. It is the best inventory of military heritage resource links that we have found yet. Just pick the time period your interested in. (English, Français)

Museum of Applied Military History Homepage. Great organization of Canadian reenactor units! (English, Français)

The Brigade of the American Revolution. This reenactment organization has shown great leadership in improving the authenticity of the hobby. Unit listings etc. (English)

Scottish Military Historical Society. There are a number of articles on Scottish military material culture. I hope organizations like the Society for Army Historical Research, and the Military Collector and Historian will pick up on the lead this society has shown.(English)

42nd Royal Highland Regiment. Preston Smith has placed alot of work into to this page making it a great resource for the regiment's history, sources to consult for further research and a good overview of the 42nd's uniform.(English)

E-Hawk Cadre. Lots of great general military history information as well as good research links.(English)

1755: the French and Indian War Homepage. Our favourite Seven Years War link.(English)

Military History Resources & Links. Good links page.(English)

The Historical Reenactment Web Site. This UK site offers an ongoing inventory of reenactment societies of all time period with an on-line registration. There are also society web pages for groups like the Seven Years War 12th Regiment of Foot. Hopefully more will register because this site has the potential to be a great reenactment clearing house.

The Horse and Musket Wargaming Page. Ed Allen has done a great job providing numerous resources including two books of instruction by Frederick the Great and a number of Napier's maps of the Peninsular War.

Companie Franches de la Marine du Michilimackinac. This site provides an excellent discussion forum for Seven Years War Reenactors. More need to take advantage of it! (English)

Reenactors World Plus - Living History links from Roman times to World War II An extensive resource of links for you to follow.

Principles of War A well designed wargaming site for the Napoleonic and 19th Century period.

Find out how soldiers celebrated Christmas at:

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